Meet the  "Babes" behind the "Biz"!


Erin Dickey


Thank you for visiting Outta the Box Boutique - an online women's clothing store! I've gone from high heels to banana peels after leaving my job in 2016 to stay at home with my two little boys, Cooper and Quinn.

​I'm a mom in my thirties...why is it so hard to find trendy, affordable, comfortable, and not too revealing, but sexy clothing???

​After returning from a girls weekend trip that was full of boutique shopping and pampering, I had an itch to start my own boutique. I came home, got to work and Outta the Box Boutique was born!


Dana Schubert

Ceo to the Ceo

Soccer Mom. Wife. Teacher. Italian cook. Golfer. Lover of OTB. Family is everything.


Katie Walters

The Tall Princess

Wife. Music lover. Adventure seeker. Travel addict.

Staci Wages

Inventory Queen

Wifey. Mama. Registered Nurse. Lover of travel and cooking.


Abby Shibley

Design Support

Max & Bella's mom. Wife. Designer. Yoga lover. Chip enthusiast. Koalas are my spirit animal.


Sarah Gardner

The Instagram Ma'am

Mom. Wife. Dog obsessed. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. SC based. Laughing is my favorite. Coffee. 


Allyson Boyd

Organizer of Loose Threads

Mom. Wife. Sunshine lover. Coffee drinker. Bubbly sipper. Joy seeker. Loyalist.

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Rachel Young

Faster Than Amazon

Wifey. Girl mom x3. Beach lover. Shopping addict. Lives in athleisure wear.

Mandi Kasula

Plus Size Model

Boy mom, golfer, teacher of littles, traveling obsessed, gardener, sunflower lover.